a weekend trip
30|09|2011 posted by Lito

Finally , after a huge-exhausting-stupid week , it's Friday!!!!If you have plans to leave,lucky you.Check these personalised luggage tags-they make your bags look funny and luxurious at the same time.
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currently dreaming of...
29|08|2011 posted by Lito

I have so  many things in my mind,so much work to do and not to mention my nerves. The only remedy: cake!!!
Find the recipe here.
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xronia polla mama!!!!
26|09|2011 posted by Lito&Niovi

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26|09|2011 posted by Lito

I don't why, but I had the feeling that I didn't want to leave my bed this morning!
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it's raining
21|09|2011 posted by Lito

The first signs of fall. There only three words in my mind:bed,coffee,book!
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London FW
21|09|2011 posted by Lito

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19|09|2011 posted by Lito

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some men.....
19|09|2011 posted by Niovi

Dear guys,
wear coloured shoes, put multicolour pochettes in your suit, try linen shirts, twist your pants, combine bow tie with sport shoes and don't forget your watch!

.......specially for our friend kimis

-photos via sartorialist.com-

Monday and diet
19|09|2011 posted by Lito

Monday and diet is a common but an awful combination. Maybe the title of the post should be "I wish I could eat that". Donuts filled with jam....divine!
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J.Crew Spring 2012
15|09|2011 posted by Niovi

I know that it isn't the right time to think what we will wear in spring 2012 but when I saw the J.Crew presentation I couldn't resist to post it. I really adored everything on it!

-photos via eat.sleap.wear.com-

hmm, nice...
15|09|2011 posted by Lito

Luisa and Tine make some beautiful clutches and bags, I wish I could buy on-line. Otherwise I should find them in Rome or Paris...not bad...not bad at all ! Find more here
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14|09|2011 posted by Niovi

1. shirts | J.Crew   2. suglasees | Illesteva   3.skirt | Paul & Joe Sister   4. sweater | J. Crew
5. pant | Current/Elliott   6. bracelet | Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hey girls , check this out: cool items+nice prices+ lovely colours= an endless mix&match game for the pre-fall period . Looking gooooood!!!!!!

trench coat
14|09|2011 posted by Niovi

Trench coats have remained fashionable in the decades and almost all fashion designers mentioned them as the "key" or "must have" coat. After this post,  I think you may be convinced to buy a classic trench coat, if you don't have already one.

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the end of a season
14|09|2011 posted by Lito

But we can still wear our funky,colourfull,tribal bracelets...till the end of September , I suppose!
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the ultimate shirt
12|09|2011 posted by Lito

Although it is difficult to find a good one(like these from Equipment), the shirt is one more time the king of the fall wardrobe.Combine them just with pants and high heels and the result is astonishing
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be your own bartender
09|09|2011 posted by Lito

It's 10 o'clock in the morning, working in front of my PC and I am already thinking of Friday night out.So workaholic!But if you stay home tonight, impress your friends with this coctail poster that Constantin Datz created. Stylish, easy,simple. You can order from here .
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time to clean the mess up
08|09|2011 posted by Niovi

Since everything in the house is a bit messy after the holidays,here some ideas for book storage.
1.You can make  piles of books on the floor for a spontaneous result.
2.or gather all your collections
3.or choose a very detailed arrangement
4.or even use books as decoration.
Send me more ideas please!
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