breaking news
01|12|2011 posted by Lito

And winter starts with great news for fashionistas.Marni is the next label to create a collection for H&M (it will be launched on March 8). All fashion bloggers worldwide spread the news. Can you imagine the accessories? I am so excited, I cant wait to see them.!!!!
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the same old habit
30|11|2011 posted by Lito

Hey girls, we continue wearing bracelets,watches and colorful accessories during wintertime too. Cheerful result to any look!
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time for shopping
29|11|2011 posted by Lito

Or at least window shopping...The Xmas windows is a dreamy experience for those who love to see...and buy sometimes.
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the french touch
25|11|2011 posted by Lito

So this weekend  live  like the French people : take a light but still yummy late breakfast, put a very,very stylish coat on , walk around to see the pre-Xmas windows and meet your friends/husband/lover/all the previous together for a glass of sparkling wine.
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the Russian Girls
24|11|2011 posted by Niovi

A real style ....from Russian Girls.......... for cold days!

working girl
24|11|2011 posted by Lito

I can go to work dressed like that. Mmmm...with red lipstick better.
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how can I choose?
24|11|2011 posted by Lito

Beautiful ankle boots in many colours by Les Composantes-an online boutique.I'll take the burgundy-they say it is the new black.
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currently craving
22|11|2011 posted by Lito

It is not only the idea of leaving my office and having a coffee with cupcakes that makes me purr,but the perfect pop ambience also.Too bad I can find Joy Cupcakes miles and miles away - in Australia.
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who had that inspiration?
21|11|2011 posted by Lito

Edible buttons: sweet and vintage.Need anything else?
If you want to impress your guests, find them on
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19|11|2011 posted by Niovi

Wear colorful necklaces and bracelets  and change the simplest dress!Buy or try to do it!

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so innovative
17|11|2011 posted by Lito

Imagine yourself staying at this hotel, drinking excellent regional wine and making long excursions to the wineries of La Rioja. Love the architectural contrast with village. Find more here.
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15|11|2011 posted by Lito

Only for the girls who love mixed patterns.
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this weekend
11|11|2011 posted by Lito

3 things: lounge on the sofa(baby, it's cold outside), have a no-regrets-huge brunch, invite your friend to a tea party.Have a nice weekend!
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Paris fall
10|11|2011 posted by Lito

Wish I was there...
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08|11|2011 posted by Lito

First the  Cambridge Satchel Company bags were released in  the classic version that make you look like a student of a lawyer. Luckily , someone had the idea to paint them with fluo colours and this is how they became the ultimate statement bag loved by fashionistas worldwide. And now Comme des Garcons give their super hip version to the crowd of thirtsy for evolution maniacs.Who's next?
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have a beauty weekend
04|11|2011 posted by Lito

It is not necessary to visit a spa in order to indulge in beauty treatments. A hot bubble bath, a home-made scrup and a rich lotion is all your need to make you body say "thanks".
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little shots of happiness
04|11|2011 posted by Lito

A collection that a girl will never be bored of. Who needs diamonds if you have this?
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flower power
03|11|2011 posted by Lito

If you have a garden in blossom  in your heart, feel free to express yourself.
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