new year's eve
29|12|2011 posted by Lito

This is what I want for the new year.I wish you all a crazy new year's eve party(alcohol-fashion-romance are the best ingredients). See you next year!!!!!!
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28|12|2011 posted by Lito

I hope you had lovely and cool Christmas!
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for Santa
22|12|2011 posted by Lito

Or let's pretend its for him....
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wrapping ideas
21|12|2011 posted by Lito

You can find more here. Wrapping the gifts by yourself makes them even more precious.
-photos via creaturecomforts-

smart kit
20|12|2011 posted by Niovi



20|12|2011 posted by Lito

Cheap and chic Xmas deco. Find how to do it here.
-photos via ohhappyday-

tiffany Xmas
19|12|2011 posted by Lito

One more reason to love this time of the year: gifts!!!

have a glorious weekend
16|12|2011 posted by Lito

It's the most opportune season for luxurious diners, gatherings, parties....this weekend is for fun!

15|12|2011 posted by Lito

The zebra, the green lace, the light blue heels. She woke up ispired that day...
-photo via stocholmstreetstyle-

neon Xmas
15|12|2011 posted by Lito

I wish you merry and fashionable Xmas!
-photo via thefoxtrotter-

12|12|2011 posted by Niovi

.......bracelets, furs, clutches, patterns, colors, belts, gloves, hats, rings,
earnings, colored nails, watches ......

12|12|2011 posted by Lito

If you haven't decided the decoration style of your  tree yet, here some unconventional proposals.Where fashion meets Xmas!
-photos via buro247-

Xmas flavour
09|12|2011 posted by Lito

Ladies haven't you started the Xmas preparation yet? Will you bake cookies? Do you have any family pastry tradition?Any ideas for an alternative recipe?Start this week-end and make your home smell like cake shop.

let it snow!
09|12|2011 posted by Niovi

Christmas  means bake cookies and panetone with friends ,listen frank Sinatra, read your favorite novel , put glitter on your make-up,  do your best Christmas decoration, play cards, drink hot wine, invite your friends for a fabulous dinner, cocooning with your love and Christmas movies........take the most out of it!

eyes or lips ?
09|12|2011 posted by Niovi

shaalam Bombay
08|12|2011 posted by Lito

"Paris-Bombay" -the latest Karl's extravaganza for Chanel. That's fashion show ladies and gentlemen!
-photos via tovima and dailymail-

07|12|2011 posted by Lito

It's getting cold , lovely creatures,and we have to fight the low temperature with a stylish way, so I propose two solutions: a fur (ideally a fake one) or layering. It's up to you girls!
-photos via jakandjill-

23 days
02|12|2011 posted by Lito

...till Xmas. You can start the preparations
-photo via thsiisglamorous-

happy winter
02|12|2011 posted by Lito

Oops.....I forgot to post this yesterday!