something red
31|01|2012 posted by lLito

Tommy Ton did it again!
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25|01|2012 posted by Niovi

I like the lip colour, the fur, the animal print skirt, the dress, the hair! mouuuurlia!

hair inspiration
25|01|2012 posted by Niovi

Girls, change your haircut or your colour, try new look and feel good! I just did it!

nice hat,nice coat
19|01|2012 posted by Lito

Both usefull in the fight against cold days.Advice: if you can afford to buy only one piece on sales then buy a coat or a jacket- since they are more expensive than other items in our wardrobe.
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happy cold Tuesday
17|01|2012 posted by Lito

The temperature keeps going lower and lower so I prefer to be in the heart of the Swiss Alpes instead of my office. I desperately want it! Find more here.
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happy cold Monday
16|01|2012 posted by Lito

It's getting sooooo cold Greenland.

13|01|2012 posted by Lito

The apartment in Paris, the dress, the belt, the food, the ambience, the sun.....
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even they get cold
11|01|2012 posted by Lito

So many men /so little time / how can I choose?
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yes we can
10|01|2012 posted by Lito

For those who fell in love with Isabel Marrant sneakers last season,the brand ASH presents an affordable collection in the same mood. Yes we can... them !
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09|01|2012 posted by Lito

Transparency and a new length.Let's collect some ideas for the upcoming spring.
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things to wait for- #2
05|01|2012 posted by Lito

Seems that 2012 comes with many gifts. The collaboration story of H&M - Versace continues.The s/s collection is about to be launched  on January 18....actually in 2 weeks.....oh, the final countdown.
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2012-things to wait for
04|01|2012 posted by Lito

So Karl comes this year with a collaboration with net-a-porter. The collection will be launched at 25 January , so wait just a few days, sweet girls. Does anyone know if they are affordable?