i want it
30|03|2012 posted by Niovi

If you find something like this, please call me!!!

28|03|2012 posted by Niovi

spring solutions
28|03|2012 posted by Niovi

It 's true that we all love spring but at the same time we don't know what to wear!
Hmmm...some solutions are:  colorful blazer, light dress with jacket, silk pants with knit, sneakers and maxi dress with parka!
Lito, give us more ideas!

red inspiration
28|03|2012 posted by Niovi

more springtime
27|03|2012 posted by Lito

Things I like right now!
-photos via windywithachancof-

in the springtime...
27|03|2012 posted by Lito

...you can find beauty inside or outside your home. Everywhere!
-photos via readingmytealeaves-

have a nice weekend
23|03|2012 posted by Lito

Nice place to be, especially now that the spring has come!
-photo via cashmeregyrl-

i want for spring
23|03|2012 posted by Niovi

top5 No3
22|03|2012 posted by Lito

Couldn't miss London!
-photos via vogue.us-

top5 No2
19|03|2012 posted by Lito

As I promissed , here my favorite street looks from fashion week Milan. To be continued...
-photos via vogues.us-

fashion month is over
16|03|2012 posted by Lito

After all these adorable,magnificent shoots(thank you photographers!)during the fashion weeks,  I have chosen my favorite top5 from each city. Let's start with Paris.
-photos via vogue.us-

spanish spring
15|03|2012 posted by Lito

The new bag is called Flamenco. So to the point,  don't you think?
-photos via loewe-

choose a colour
09|03|2012 posted by Lito

Food or deco?Both ways seem beautiful(or delicious)!
-photos via lescomposantes-

inspired & simple style
07|03|2012 posted by Niovi

The only thing we need is to feel free with patterns, colors, combination and volumes!